Infographics: Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia is said to be the oldest civilization. They are older than the Egyptian, Greeks, Mayans and Incans. Mesopatamia means between two rivers – Tigris and Euphrates rivers. It was also believed that the Garden of Eden is in Mesopotamia as the Bible mentioned these rivers during the creation of man in the book of Genesis. The Dead Sea Scrolls were also found here.

Mesopotamia is part of the modern day Iraq. Three of its famous ancient cities are Assyria, Babylon and Sumer. Sumer is the oldest of the three. The epic of Gilgamesh is found here that tell stories of the Great Flood similar to the Bible’s Noah’s Ark. Assyria are conquerors. Their famous capital is Nineveh where winged bulls were excavated. Nineveh is also famous for the story of prophet Jonah who was brought to this city by a big fish or whale to tell the people to confess for their sins for their salvation. Babylon could be the most famous city of Mesopotamia because of the Tower of Babe. This displeased God and led to different languages of the ancient people so they will never understand each other and will never be united to build another tower that will go to heaven.

infographics mesopotamia

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