Dark Food Photography: Frontera Merlot and Nikon SB 910

frontier 20171228

Perhaps my post may look all the same – wine as my hero and there’s a darkness enveloping a large portion of the photo. But as I progress, I changed my lighting system. I tried daylight, lamp and softbox then this time, this is Nikon SB 910 speedlight with umbrella. One reason I decided to use speedlight is that it is capable of providing deep depth of field thus everything is so SHARP even if my studio is really dark. I think the challenge here is first, how to clear subjects obviously you can see my umbrellas in the bottle and glass. Then second is how to control the shadow. If you notice there’s a shadow on the left, that was casted by an illlustration board. Somehow it gives me an idea.

As for the information on the wine, Frontera is also manufactured by Concha Y Toro, family of Casillero del Diablo.


Camera: M, Shutter 200, F8, ISO 100,

Speedlight: M, ISO 100




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