Derwent Drawing Pencils


I was busy with my work. I got a motion graphic project from a telco in California. Making an animation is a detailed, tedious job but I Iove it a lot. I guess this is the next level of my roadmap as a graphic designer. Congrats me, I also made a storyboard and I need to study the highlevel description of a backhaul. Best of both worlds – Information technology and Multimedia Arts. In relation to our video today about this amazing Derwent Drawing Pencils, I trusted Derwent because Ive been using its white charcoal pencil for more than a year. I use black gesso in all of my paintings and I use it to draw grids and sketch. Derwent white charcoal dissolves in acrylic so it won’t leave a mark once glazed.   

Product Description 

I chose Derwent Drawing 24 Pencils because of its Earth tone theme. The list of their fascinating colors are Light Sienna 1610, Sofway Blue 3615, Ink Blue 3720, Smoke Blue 3810, Pale Cedar 4125, Green Shadow 4135, Crag Green 5090, Olive Earth 5160, Warm Earth 5550, Brown Ochre 5700, Wheat 5715, Yellow Ochre 5720, Sepia (red) 6110, Mars Orange 6210, Sanguine 6220, Venetian red 6300, Terracotta 6400, Mars Violet 6470, Ruby Earth 6510, Chocolate 6600, Ivory Black 6700, Cool Grey 7120, Warm Grey 7010, Chinese White 7200. I like the way the colors are picked – natural and muted. You see I don’t like vibrant colors making the artwork as if it’s screaming at you.I just noticed that there are lots of Mars going on both colored pencils and acrylic names. Is it catchy, did they mine the colors from the planet mars? Imagine there are colors like Jupiter brown or Neptune Teal. 

Swatching & Application  

I tried to swatch it in a cream white sketchpad but it doesn’t seem to work. Then I tried it on a Canson Noir  pad and it works. So I repeated the process. More than swatching I tried to create a drawing of a hamburger. I’m a fan of hamburger but I refrain from eating. Instead also of pairing it softdrinks, I like coffee instead.  In the drawing, I put onions, tomatoes, cheese, burger patty and lettuce on the sandwich. I tried to put some gradiation on colors by applying the lighter color. You can arrange your colored pencils according to its color family, then value – from light to dark shade. This will help you easily identify what color to use.  I tried to layered my colors but may not blend that much. To blend colored pencils, it was said to use blender and Gamsol by which we will try on the succeeding videos. 


Applying Derwent Drawing Colored Pencil and Canson Noir black pad, they make perfect combination. It reminds me of the Menu signage on the cafe and food stores with chalky drawing style and freehand lettering. It may take time for me to learn to use these colored pencils. Also recently I realized the importance of drawing to painting. Drawing is the very foundation of arts. I confess I tried to skip this process and I’m not so happy with the output. I really want to improve my drawing as well as my paintings. 


I hope you like my video of Derwent Drawing Colored Pencil. BTW I’m a graphic designer. I also create websites, motion graphics and video editing. To know more of my services, please also visit my website to see also the gallery of my artworks. Thank you for watching.           

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