Travel Vlog Unedited: Playfulness of the Sea Calayo, Nasugbu Batangas

By the next morning my friend and I went to the beach to swim. It’s windy and there are waves. I decided to capture the waves using my GoPro Hero 9 Black. When I was in the sea, I realized I forgot to bring its waterproof case. But I think it’s better without it. I was able to test how efficient GoPro Hero 9 Black and appreciated it more. 

I am also happy to see an aquamarine Seadoo resting by the shore with a banana boat attached to it. It is the same jetski I rode in Boracay. As if it keeps on reminding me of my dream jetski.   

There are few people swimming and I have freedom to swim. Too much freedom, I didn’t notice I was far from the shore so I decided to go back. Children approached me and played with me and the waves.  

It’s my first time to have fun with waves. The sea is more playful if it’s windy. Somehow this reminds me of my life as a freelancer. Sometimes there are a huge wave of tasks, and there will be times, it’s silent, time to relax and wait for another wave of clients to come. This is what I love about nature, especially the sea. The sea is very unpredictable and mysterious. As an artist the sea will teach you a lot about color harmony. In terms of work management it will teach you not to fear when there are few clients, just wait for  there’s more to come. And most of all, learn to live and have fun in a very natural way.   

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