Lofi Aesthetic

I have been listening to “lofi” or low fidelity music in Youtube. LoFi is a genre of relaxing music with an air of nostalgia. These come with thumbnails with artworks on a vintage anime style of the 70s like Doraemon. The characters are often teenagers, alone in a room or a colorful empty street. Cats are also subject for lofi aesthetics. Probably because of their relaxed and lazy attitude. Cats can be seen as happy enjoying their home or traveling the outside world. Pretty much like a clingy, well pampered cat. The designs are vectorized, linear with thin strokes and are often times tertiary and analogous in color.

In this rapidly changing trend, where videos are 130 x faster and everyone overly expressed themselves, lofi aesthetics seem to be a restraining force. While everyone is rushing for popularity and achievement, lofi vibes remain to do the traditional and in a quiet way. If you ask me, this is the theme that is very applicable for freelancers. Sometimes slowing down is good. This will allow you to conserve lots of energy so you can continue your sweet journey in this life. Often times, if you rush things, you will get burned out in the end. Might as well enjoy the present and the process itself rather that become preoccupied of the output.

I like the lofi vibes because I think i encountered this design back in the late 80s when i was a little kid. Probably my cabinet with precious moment style of baby teal and baby pink. Also back in the 90s, although grunge is the popular music, there are also nostalgic acoustic songs from Soul Asylum and Ugly Kid joe. Listening to lofi vibes and looking at lofi aesthetics sends me back in time when everything is slow-paced – when its summer, when flowers bloom and trees bear fruits. Everything is still. The cat sleeps on a balcony while my grandmother and I each lay on a separate long wooden bench. You can hear the birds chirping while the dog took a deep breath that brush the dust under his nose.

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